Rather than starting a new thread, I'd like to horn in on this conversaiton if I may...

I've already purchased myself 4GB of the Corsair RAM (even though I have no other parts for my dream machine yet) because I wanted the rebate from Newegg. I'm planning to start with XP and possibly upgrade to Vista later this year if they get some of the bugs worked out. CAN I use only one of the two 2GB components I purchased until I upgrade, or does that type of memory require 2 components running in tandem to function?


PS When and if I upgrade, I obviously want the 64-bit version of Vista. Is that the standard version now, or is 32-bit more common? Will the box make it clear which version is which? Does the 64-bit version have any DISadvantages compared to 32-bit? I know that seems like a silly question, but I was reading about the 64-bit version of WinXP, and I discovered that it is apparently no longer supported and also does not include some basic Windows components such as Media Player.