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Thread: Help me with securing the internet for my son's laptop.

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    Default Help me with securing the internet for my son's laptop.

    I will be buying my son a laptop. I haven't decided it yet. He asked to get one so, he can practice in graphical designing. He is really good in it. He just turned 12, so I want to secure his laptop because I don't want him to misuse the opportunity.

    I learned from this article ( )that you can block the explicit sites and also secure the internet connection for safety measures. I am not a computer expert but my son is, so I want a foolproof method to closely monitor his activities and secure the connections as well.

    I would also like to know which O.S. would be the best in terms of online safety.
    Please, share your suggestions.

    Thank you.
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    Hi, Casper: I use AVG to guard against viruses. It's free, but of course there are pay options. It's also important keep a backup of the data on your computer, preferably off-site and in the cloud. I use Mozy for that. I think it costs about $6 a month. I'm using Windows 10. The nice thing about Windows 10 in terms of protection is that it is a current operating system that updates itself with fixes and patches.

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