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Thread: Question about drives in my laptop

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    Default Question about drives in my laptop

    I'm writing this from my build everyone here helped me make about 6 years ago, it still works great. My issue is I wanted a laptop and bought an ASUS ROG G752VT-DH72 It came with a small 128GB SSD drive lettered OSC) and a 1TB Hard drive lettered DATA (D).

    As one would guess as soon as I started putting my games on it the C drive filled up. I don't understand WHY they made the small drive the one everything go's to. I don't know what to do at this point, should I have installed everything to the D drive from the start? If that is so I'm going to wipe it out to factory and start over.

    Another question, if I wipe it out is there a way to make the larger drive the C drive leaving the SSD for whatever I want on it, or is it better to have my OS on the faster drive?

    Thank you so much for helping this Grammy out again!

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    You'll definitely want to put the OS on the SSD as it will allow for much quicker load times. Typically, the larger HDD is used for photos, videos, and games. Putting the games on the SSD doesn't necessarily make the game play better or faster.

    On the other hand, you could install an SSD that is large enough to hold everything and only have one drive instead of two. You'd be looking at somewhere between $350 and $500.
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