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    Default Age of Conan MMO

    This game is just down right bad ass. Brutal combat system, awesome graphics and you can cut people's heads off literatly. The population is not what it used to be but this game is by far way under-rated. It is free to play so you can get a taste of what its like. But like anything that is free your limited. But I can tell you it is VERY worth every penny for subing. Most of the population has headed to SET PVE server. They had new raid instances come out that offered great gear and great weps. and at the same time they offered free server xfers. All of the lazy PVPers though they could go to set to gear up and come back to the PVP server.. Little did they know everyone had the same idea. That left the PVP servers lacking population. Although, There is instances on the PVE server that you can PVP and there is "mini" games you can join to PVP. The game only just begins at lvl 80 FYI.

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    Nice to see you again treavorbell. Thanks for the review. I don't generally play MMO's, but maybe I'll check this one out.
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    I'm as excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic... awesome game and it's now FreeToPlay although if you try it and like it I recommend a subscription because it opens up so much more of the game. Think of being a jedi swinging a lightsaber with some VERY awesome moves like throwing your lightsaber at an enemy and have it come back to you ala boomarang. The storytelling way the game plays out is great as well, I'm enjoying it. Lots of replay-ability too with the dark side/light side Republic/Empire class and alignment choices. And with the Legacy system leveling up the second and third character just gets easier because you get xp boosts and other great benefits which unlock as you go. You can choose to PvP at any time through straight up challenges but there are PvP arenas, Warzones, Flashpoints and Heroic areas geared to have you team up with others... the more you teamplay you get unlocks to special equipment only available to those who participate.

    My first MMO was a prize I won through Microsoft, Asheron's Call, in my view the great granddaddy of them all, so I have a high standard when it comes to MMO's, I have to say SWTOR fills all those standards. The story is great, classic of course, and the game mechanics are fun, my only critique is that attribute points/skill points are automatically distributed as you level, but all of that is further enhanced by the equipment and mods and crafting system.

    Anywho give it a try, it's free and I'll be trying Age of Conan, because yes, I do love a good MMO.

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