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Thread: Windows 8. Good? Bad? Ugly?

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    Question Windows 8. Good? Bad? Ugly?

    I know Windows 8 has gotten a lot of hate from Windows fans across the world. But I want your honest unbiased opinion. What makes Windows 8 better than Windows 7. Or why is Win7 better than 8? Is 8 really that bad for gaming or is 7 the way to go? I'm building a gamin PC and I need an OS...

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    Win 8 is no better or worse than Win 7 in respects to a gaming rig. All the dislike people are having for Win 8 is based on the new GUI and the some of the primary features. The basic function of Win 8 as an operating system is superior to all previous versions of Windows simply because it's more sophisticated, safer, and versatile.
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