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Thread: error code 0xc000007b

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    Default error code 0xc000007b

    Hi , this is only affecting one application ,Adobe Lightroom 4.I tried my back ups same error code .I went back as far as I could with restore.i removed it two times and reinstalled it up dated all my drivers . scanned for viruses.Check hard drive for errors.Please help THANKS

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    I assume you have Adobe Lightroom 4.1 on a disk. If so download it to a DVD and use the DVD as your 'storage element' for Lightroom instead of the HD. Not maybe a decent long term solution, but it might help isolate the location of the problem.

    Note: There may be a fundamental error on my part in not recognizing a problem with my suggestion; never had to do anything like this myself. However, you should be able to operate from a DVD just as you can a Hard Drive, except much slower.

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