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Thread: First build up and running - couldn't have done it without!

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    Thumbs up First build up and running - couldn't have done it without!

    Been terrified of the inside of a PC all my life, despite being an avid gamer.

    This made me a chump for brand name companies/dodgy professional PC builders who promise the world and a warranty but screwed me over with appalling after-sales service/substandard parts. I only had my own ignorance to blame and enough was enough.

    I'm proud to be posting as a MySuperPC grad on a computer I built from scratch! And I wouldn't have been able to get here without your amazing site Rob.

    'The WhiteOx'
    by Trevor
    London, UK
    11 Dec 2011

    Corsair 600T chassis
    Windows 7 64 bit retail
    GIGABYTE Z68 UD5-B3 motherboard
    Intel i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz
    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB GDDR5
    16GB Corsair Vengence RAM
    Corsair 120GB SSD
    WD 2TB HDD
    PCI-E Wireless adaptor
    Corsair 650w power supply

    Real enriching experience learning and understanding how the parts interact in a PC. I can certainly see how this could be addictive and how people can can go for bigger and better builds, overclocking and eventually entering build competitions! Were it not for my impoverished student status I might do just that!

    Anyway I left you a small tip as a token of my appreciation. Keep up the great work!


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    Thanks for the good words, Trevor. And for the tip. Congratulations on building your own computer!

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