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Thread: MS Flight Simulator

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    Default MS Flight Simulator

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor ;)

    Memory (RAM)
    4.0 GB

    NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450


    Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology
    Model GA-880GM-UD2H
    Total amount of system memory 4.0 GB RAM
    System Type Windows 7 OEM 64-bit
    Number of processor cores 4

    Total size of hard disk Hitatchi 466 GB

    Display Adapter Type NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
    Total Available Graphics Memory 2814 MB
    Dedicated Graphics Memory 1024 MB
    Dedicated System Memory 0 MB
    Shared System Memory 1790 MB
    Display Adapter Driver Version
    Primary Monitor Resolution 1024x768
    DirectX Version DirectX10

    If you want the brands of the RAM, or Optics, or more let me know! I built this EXCLUSIVELY for Microsoft Flight Sim X (and FS2004). What a Blast this was!

    QUAD CORE QUAD CORE QUAD CORE is the answer. I have a pretty good GeForce card on our HP. The AMD X4 Made all the difference.

    My first upgrade though will be an SSD HD when I can afford it. I think that is where I am bottlenecking the most. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    I took a little easier route than NewEgg.

    MicroCenter!!! I liked being able to look at the product before buying it. PLUS they checked that all of my systems were working before I left. They also installed my processor and cooling compound for me free of charge! I liked that as this was my first build.

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    Hello Airbrake. I moved your post into it's own thread.

    Nice video. Great job on the build.
    My Rig:
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