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Thread: Win7 Pro 64 bit does not recognize my Gsata RAID 1 mirror drives

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    Hey tjgraf,

    Sounds like you roll the dice well!! Glad it all worked out well, even tho some questions remain.

    I will take your data and lay it out over the next several weeks and I will read in detail your online mobo BIOS instructions. Your situation and that of 'Call me Al' are similar. Surely some pattern will show itself; hopefully I can make some sense of it. Regardless, when I think I have done all I can, I will post something.

    Thanks for the detail in your post; it should be quite helpful; you provided a lot of detail.

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    Default Hope this helps fix your raid problem

    I just built a new system using a gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3. I have been building systems for about 20 or so years now,ya back when you installed windows 3.0 with like 13 Floppy disks. Anyway this is the most impressive board i have used and i have build like 40 systems using anything from a cheap $40.00 mobo to a sweet ASUS $500.00 board, but this is by far the sweetest MOBO i have used so far. To the point when i did my install i set up my new system to use the new Intel smart response Technology and that uses a SSD drive in raid. Well anyway i installed windows 7 64 bit, installed the MOBO chip set drivers and so on and so forth. After all was said and done i then installed the smart response software that intern is supposed to set my system up in raid for me. The system rebooted and it was downhill from their, That is where your problem sounds just like the one i had. So after getting on line with my laptop because my system would not boot it would just set their looking at me i found some instructions on a way to fix the problem. What i did is put my operating system CD in and then did a reboot and got into the BIOS i found the settings to change my system to the raid settings i wanted and set it up as CD for first boot device. Exited and and saved. Then at the boot i hit any key as instructed to install the operating system.Told it to install operating system on drive1, It installed Windows 7 did the reboot and at that time i got back into the bios and changed boot order to HD 1 and then CD exited let it boot and it started rite into Windows 7. It did the finishing touches on the install and it did one last reboot back into Windows 7. "Ran perfect" Then i was also able to set up the smart response software and run my system in raid with drive c as operating system drive and the SSD drive as the cache drive. Rebooted one last time and it runs so fast, Like flames should be shooting out the back of my system it runs so fast. My last boot into Windows 7 from the second i hit the power button to where i could use the system fully booted up took 29 seconds. I have to say i am so happy with this motherboard and it cost me with shipping from newegg like $155.00 well Worth the investment. The kicker is i was using an ASUS Rampage II Extreme MOBO and this just cooks rite by that one like it was standing still. Hope this helped you in some way to figure your problem out or anybody reading it that had the same problems.Good luck.

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