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    Firstly, thanks for all the helpful information on your website. It's really been a huge help answering the many MANY questions I have about installing an additional 2GB on my aging, but always reliable, Gateway 510XL. It will be 7 years old this November and it needed upgrading like 3 years ago. I only use it for checking email and websurfing (not a gamer) and it's gotten real slow the past few months and I'm hoping it will be a bit faster now. Thanks to your website, I added the 2BG this afternoon. But I have a question...

    My OS is XP Home Ed. In my VIRTUAL SETTINGS the INITIAL SIZE (MB) was set to 837. I have added 2 GB. What number should I reset it to? And what size should I reset the MAXIMUM SIZE (MB) to?

    Thanks in advance. Could NOT have done this without your help.


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    Just tru clearing your cache and browsing history. Other than that you might want to take some time and delete things on you system that are no longer needed or used. Then do a Disk Cleanup followed by Defragmenting your hard drive. You can find these tools by clicking on the START, All PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS and everything you need should be in there. That should help clear up some space and maybe get your computer running a little smoother.

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    Default page file size

    Most people leave the virtual memory settings for the page file on automatic. But that can cause fragmentation on the hard drive over time. I think the stock answers 1.5 times the installed memory. But in your situation with that little memory it might be better to set both the min and max to 4 GB. Specifically 4096 kB. If you’re low on disk space you might try two or 1.5 gigabytes. 2048 or 1536.

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