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Thread: Battle Field Bad company 2

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    Default Battle Field Bad company 2

    i was looking around the forum, and i couldnt really find anything about Battle Field bad company 2. so i thought id give my quick review about the game and maybe, if we are lucky we could get a bit of a conversation going about it.

    so, this is going to be a quick review about the Single player aspect of the game, comparing it to the old battle field games..

    now, im a HUGE fan of Battle field 1942 and the rest of the battle field Franchise, i still play battle field 1942 about 3 times a week and if i could only play one game for the rest of my life it would be the 3rd party mod for BF1942 " Desert Combat ".

    now with Battle field 1942, BF Vietnam and Battle Field 2, the single player game play is COMPLETELY different than the single player game play than Battle field bad company 2. i was extremely disappointed by the single player, battle field is trying to be like call of duty, if i want to play call of duty, ill play call of duty.

    The graphics were un-impressive, the physics were horrible, and the animation was hard to watch and you can not go prone, thats right, you cannot push a button and lay down to dodge bullets or steady your gun to make a long distance shot. ill be honest, i was WAY excited about this game coming out, i built this computer to play it, and when i finally got my hands on it i was extremely disappointed.

    one more thing i didnt like about this game was that you cannot start a LAN game and play with you and a buddy against 40 bots. This game might as well have been called " Call of duty wanna-be ". i am very disappointed with this game and i think, if you are going to be playing it for the first person game play, you will be disappointed too.

    thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to comment.


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    I've been in a Call of Duty clan for about 6 years. We've migrated up each time that a new COD game came out until Modern Warfare 2 because it doesn't support dedicated servers. So our clan decided to go to Battlefield BC2. I don't know exactly what it is, but I really just don't have any interest in this game. My clan mates are not all jazzed up about it either. In the meantime, I've been busy with Batman Arkham Asylum and Shattered Horizon. I'm even going to break out Crysis and give it another run. Looking forward to something new coming along. I hear a new Medal of Honor is in the works, and Crysis 2 is coming out this year. So maybe one of these will be worth while.

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    I thought BF:BC2 was a great game! it had much more depth to it than COD and the ability to destroy buildings added some intensity to the firefights. Ill never forget my first match where i can for cover from a tank inside a house. I was slowly makign my way through the building when all of a sudden i heard this loud creak and groan. I ran out of the building just in time before it crashed to the ground. I didnt realize you could level buildings, it was quite a shock!

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