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    Fan Connector Question

    I have perhaps one of the most uninteresting questions: I'm looking at building a new PC and the motherboard has 2 CPU fan slots and 3 chassis. The case I want has 4 fans (kinda standard, right?)...
  2. Looking to Upgrade 2011 Build, Confused About Video Cards & Dual-Boot

    The Short-Short Background: Mac guy, built dual-boot PC/Linux in 2011 with components optimized to run 4 very specific software programs. Four years later, big NewEgg sale, looking to upgrade (1)...
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    Thanks for the info. Maybe in my case, it was...

    Thanks for the info. Maybe in my case, it was more that I bought it towards the end of its cycle (though it is 8 months later now ...). As a mostly Mac guy, I should've known better to look at that...
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    How Quickly Do Video Cards Go Out of Date?

    May seem like a silly question, but thought I'd ask it. I built my first PC back in April, video card works fine. But I have it hooked up to a 21" monitor and am looking to upgrade since I do a lot...
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