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  1. Hi Ricky,

    Try this email address. It is new and fresh.

    I will try it out right now. If a problem I will 'edit' this message asap!

  2. I don't know what's wrong, but I've tried 3 different times to send you an email, and I get an error every time. I tried it from my gmail and outlook accounts.
  3. Hi Ricky,

    This email address should work:

    Did you use this one and it did not work ?

    I would use my normal email address but these visitor messages are not secure as far as I can tell!!

  4. Z, I tried to send you an email but it got bounced back to me. Have you changed your email address?
  5. Hey Ricky, Thanks for the reply. i got rid of two spammers myself yesterday. Maybe they are all the same person. Anyhow, when I saw Bighoo's post gone, I sort of thought I had done something myself to cause it.
  6. Yeah, Bighoo had a personal review of the Hyper 212. A new member made a post to the thread just saying something about it being a great review and thanks for the help. Then he had some kind of link at the end, so I edited the post and removed his link. I then made a new post just asking the guy not to put links in his posts. I'm fairly sure he was a spammer, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, it appears the entire thread is gone now.
  7. Hi Ricky,

    Hope you see this today. I thought Bighoo93 had a post on the Hyper 212 cooler today. Also, I deleted some guys 'screwy' post later. Now I cannot find the 'Hyper 212 post' done today or last nite late.
  8. Hey Z. The image opens fine for me in Chrome and Internet Explorer 10. It's a "lightbox" which is just javascript. If you're using Firefox or Opera, you may some issues with it.
  9. Hey Ricky,

    This is a continuation of my first message. Originally when I tried to post it, I got the 'its too long -- too many characters, etc.' So I eliminated a whole sentence. The gist of that eliminated sentence was that my 'system is old and uses Vista' , meaning that my OS is not compatible with 'additions such as your image' riding on top of the MSPC software system. Or my system is 'corrupted to some extent'.

    Assuming you can enlarge your image, then I assume my statement above is essentially correct. I will be going to a new system in 2013 using Win 8 and all new hardware.
  10. Hey Ricky,

    Hope you see this message. This is about the post this morning in which I indicated I could not enlarge the mobo image you put up on your post. When I clicked on the mobo image, I got a semi-blackened out screen, and a apx 3" x 4" outlined black window with a 'rotating arrow' in the center -- which indicates, 'wait, something is loading up'. But it kept going on way beyond reason. I finally shut it down.

    But this is not the only time such an event or mistake happens with my system.

    Anything I try to add to in the way of a 'click on to open' image or message, or if I try to 'click on' something in the MSPC forum that is 'not part of the normal MSPC software or various normal operational modes' does this.

    So I guess my question is, this mobo image you posted, will enlarge in the 'expected manner' once you click on it. Correct ??

    I certainly will appreciate any comments you may have! Thanks.

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