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08-15-2007, 04:27 PM
Have built my Super PC per the latest parts list and have just tried to run the Lifeguard Diagnostic utility on my WD 250 GB Sata Drive. It did not execute. Title on screen: Starting Caldera DR-DOS
Message states: Can't load BDOS Kernel file
At the Western Digital Web site:
Based on my Drive model number it assigned 2nd generation Serial ATA and I downloaded an executable file which I then executed to create my floppy.
The file Id was Digdiagv504f.exe.
My system startups have been good with minimal problems.
I had just completed second boot SATA drive and have gone thru Bios to check to see hardware has been handled correctly.

Appreciate any advice you can give me so that I can execute the Lifeguard Diagnostic utility.