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  14. What If My Hard Drive Crashes?
  15. What If I Deleted A Critical File And Have No Backup?
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  18. Dead machine gateway 500 HSN
  19. Help with Firefox....
  20. power supply help
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  23. New Antec Sonata III
  24. Recommend an affordable laser printer?
  25. My Super PC crashed when play game
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  27. PWR-FAN connector on Antec III
  28. Boot Problems Part 2
  29. Clearing CMOS/Bios
  30. Choppy Video - Overheating?
  31. My Computer Boot Problem That's Driving Me Crazy
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  33. What Hard drive would you recommend for IBM Thinkpad 760E w/windows 95OS?
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  36. how to tell if coin cell battery is working correctly?
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  38. Power Supply upgrade question.
  39. Amazon purchasing
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  41. Computer Shutdown Problem
  42. Different computer shutdown problem
  43. Front Panel Firewire
  44. Here we go again.
  45. Laptop won't recognize CDRW drive
  46. DVD Player not burning
  47. Curious
  48. Why did my system die?
  49. System Device Question Mark
  50. I cannot load WD data lifeguard dos (cd)
  51. Sonata III Grounding Issues
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  53. Is it possible to duplicate my whole hdd...
  54. surge protector question
  55. New build - Apps are now crashing after 1 month
  56. Two Monitors? :confused:
  57. Computer Trouble
  58. Where to find compatible components
  59. Hard Drive Question
  60. 20 pin power supply
  61. Little Help Here (PSU Related)
  62. Installing new RAM
  63. Single vs. Multi Rail Power Supplies
  64. Help diagnosis power problem please
  65. virus
  66. Upgrade processes...what to do first?
  67. Serious Error
  68. Can't see disk in My Computer"
  69. Selecting Processor
  70. Who does a pc restarts by itself?
  71. memory getting fried
  72. Blue screen of death
  73. Originally working computer won't post
  74. Dead Computer
  75. Hard drive question
  76. BSOD & Superfetch making life miserable
  77. What to upgrade
  78. Intel Core i7 review and new chipset
  79. SATA Converter
  80. How do I charge my 17'' HP Laptop in a car?
  81. Need recommendations for cooling
  82. sata pci for ecs p4vmm2
  83. Wierd Computer pronlem
  84. Anti-Static wrist strap
  85. Normal GPU Temperature
  86. plz help my pc is in melt down!
  87. Antec 300 and PSU
  88. Freezing while Installing
  89. How to make recovery cd
  90. Changes to year old computer
  91. asrock nf7g hd ready pciE not working
  92. 'New hardware found' message
  93. Setting dual DVD and no floppy
  94. Help-no boot
  95. mobo drive how to??
  96. Samsung 22x SATA DVD RW/CDRW (Black)
  97. Computer Hardware Poster
  98. Zalman Fan
  99. SATA HDD not recognized
  100. this any good?
  101. PC rebooots during games
  102. Possible PSU issue?
  103. Sonata III case prob, or something else?
  104. Virus removal
  105. First power on and cpu fan not running
  106. wireless keyboard/mouse
  107. can't get keyboard and mouse to work to save my life
  108. PPC Turbo Cool 860?
  109. Quad Core enabling
  110. Is my new PSU dead?
  111. automatic shutdowns
  112. When I shutdown my homebuilt PC
  113. CPU is overheating past 80 degrees Celsius
  114. My Grandparents have a Dell GX 150 and are having problems
  115. KVM and Video
  116. Battery Backup UPS size?
  117. Any Ideas -- Starting Without Starting
  118. For several years now...Then!
  119. Having a computer built by a friend but want outside opinion(s).
  120. CD Drive or burner
  121. How do I combine more than one pc
  122. Memory Problem?
  123. new in this forum
  124. Do I Need a Gaming Computer?
  125. backing up a hard drive
  126. Card Readers
  127. Only 2 of 4GB of ram showing up
  128. Power problems
  129. Sun exposure to internal computer components
  130. Start up issues after new PSU.
  131. Is it the power supply or me?
  132. Case fan wiring
  133. Need help for the specs of a gaming computer (quick check at compatibility)
  134. What should I upgrade?
  135. What power supply does "My Super PC today" use?
  136. Desktop Not Powering up, but signal is sent.
  137. Super PC monitor screen lines
  138. 8-pin 12V power plug dilemma
  139. 3D BIOS settings for my SSD, HD and CD drives - I'm missing something
  140. Connect 2 DVI monitors to recommended mother board, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UDH5
  141. Help: Installing A Modded (Unlocked?) BIOS
  142. Help with PCI-E 3.0
  143. Help connecting video card to PSU please.
  144. Screen black after Windows login
  145. power supply question
  146. time for an upgrade
  147. Screen black at BIOS startup
  148. Hdmi not recognized